Library Anxiety

My research interests are centered around library anxiety, a common phenomenon among students in academic library settings. In particular, I have an interest in Hispanic and Latino students and their experiences. Click the image to the left to view my capstone master's paper, written in April of 2016, which addressed this issue at one particular university.

Library Job Talks

Myself and a fellow academic librarian are currently collecting data and conducting literature reviews for an upcoming publication related to academic library job talks. There is a good deal of existing research which discusses the writing of job descriptions for academic librarians; however, there is very little work on what the candidates for those jobs experience and perceive when the time comes for them to speak on a prompt, as is common in these interviews.

We are currently in the data collection stages of this research - to contribute to the study, please take the survey by clicking the image to the right!

Academic Librarians and Service

Another interest of mine revolves around academic librarians and service to communities surrounding the campus environments we work in. How can we engage with people who may not be students or faculty but whose actions and attitudes can have a very important effect on our schools? This can take the form of library instruction to K-12 students, public library service (similar to the Community Workshop Series), and many other projects.